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Low Festival 2019 Rules

Remember that, when you buy your ticket for Low Festival 2019, you accept the rules and conditions of access dictated by the festival organization, always for the sake of ensuring the safety and welfare of the attendees. In this same post, once the festival approaches, it will be detailed the schedule, specific rules, etc. The organization reserves the right to modify them without prior authorization from the attendees.

When you buy a ticket for this event and check the box “I accept to receive commercial communications”, you accept that your mail is part of the database of Producciones Baltimore and associated companies (Producciones Baltimore SL, Productions Baltimore Live SL, Valiente Producciones SL, Low Festival AIE, Spring Alicante SL, Get Mad Festival SL and Silver Surfer Productions SL). If, after checking this box, you want to cancel your subscription or consult the information we keep about you, write to hola@produccionesbaltimore.es.

Tickets for Low Festival are personal and non-transferable. In accordance with current legal regulations on the commercial use of brands and products, Producciones Baltimore S.L. expressly prohibits the gift or raffle of tickets for Low Festival by third parties without written authorization from the promoter.


Unlike 3-day tickets, day tickets allow access to the venue only once. That is, if you leave, you cannot enter again.
Access permitted to the venue, accompanied by a legal guardian, both identified (ID or passport), and after filling out and submitting a form in the Minor’s booth (minors will receive an identification bracelet). Children under 11 years and under do not pay entry.


Entrance with food and drinks from outside the venue is prohibited. Only baby food will be allowed to enter, in containers whose shape and material of manufacture are considered safe (the entry of products with metallic, sharp or similar materials is forbidden). For safety reasons, the festival’s security team may deny entry to other types of food, such as chewing gum or candy. Inside the enclosure there will be food and drink options for diabetics, celiacs, vegans, etc.
It is not allowed access with objects that can be considered as dangerous by the organization or are prohibited by current regulations: motorcycle helmets, selfie sticks, etc.
In the case of VIP areas, only holders of VIP / VIP POOL tickets can buy in them.


Once the ticket has been purchased, it will not be exchanged or refunded, except in case of cancellation of the event.


The organization reserves the right of admission to the festival. The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been acquired in the official sales offices / ticket offices. The resale of the ticket is not allowed. The organization of the festival does not assume any responsibility in case of loss, theft, damage or bad impression of the entrance. The organization excludes its responsibility if the acquisition of the ticket / payment was made through an external payment platform that is not our responsibility and is foreign to our company.


The buyer of tickets for Low Festival expressly authorizes:
Producciones Baltimore, S. L., with registered office in Alicante, Calle Manuel Antón, number 13, 2ºD, to use its image in order to promote the festival.
This authorization does not have a specific geographic scope, which is why Producciones Baltimore, S. L and other individuals or legal entities (among them, Producciones Baltimore Live SL, Valiente Producciones SL, Low Festival AIE, Spring Alicante SL, Get Mad Festival SL and Silver Surfer Producciones SL) to which the exploitation rights may be assigned on the images, or parts of them, in which it appears, may use those images, or parts of them, in all countries of the world without geographical limitation of any kind.
This authorization refers to the totality of uses that the images may have, or parts of them, in which it appears, using the technical means currently known and those that may be developed in the future, and for any application. All this with the only exception and limitation of those uses or applications that could violate the right to honor in the terms provided for in Organic Law 1/85, of May 5, Civil Protection of the Right to Honor, Personal and Family Intimacy and the Own Image.
This authorization does not set any time limit for its concession or for the exploitation of the images, or part of them, in which it appears, so the authorization is considered granted for an unlimited period of time. In case you want to revoke this authorization, the buyer can write to info@lowfestival.es.
Also, the sponsoring brands of the festival will take photographs for their promotional channels. The buyer of this entry authorizes these brands to use their image. In case of not authorizing it, the buyer may request Low Festival to contact each brand to revoke its use.


When you buy your ticket for Low Festival 2019 at our official ticket sales operator, you agree that your email will become part of the Producciones Baltimore S.L., Producciones Baltimore Live S.L. and associated companies, with the aim of informing you about Low Festival, WARM UP Estrella de Levante and other musical projects. You can cancel this subscription at any time by writing to info@lowfestival.es.