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Gastronomy at very lower prices

In Benidorm you can enjoy economically and gastronomically rich options

Tapas and Pinchos

Although it seems incredible, the south also has a “Pintxos” area. One of the busiest streets of Benidorm is called Santo Domingo and is known especially for being full of tapas restaurants. This area is known as the Basque area Benidorm so, if you find yourself somewhere in the area you will recognize it perfectly, it is very popular.

We recommend you to go to the bar Dehesa de Don Saturnino, 15 minutes from the Low’s venue.

Near here there’s “La calle del coño”, the Basque influence is so great that in that street you can’t stop listening to “Coño Patxi! how are you here?”, although its official name is Paseo de la Carretera de Benidorm and it’s a street full of clothing stores and local shops.

Seafood and Fish

If you are one of those who love seafood, you can’t miss La Mejillonera de Benidorm, which is located on the Paseo de la Carretera de Benidorm.

The price is very cheap and the dishes are very large. Also note the variety of dishes that the restaurant has, also for special diets: vegetarian options and gluten-free options.

If you fancy a fish friturita, we recommend the Freidura Los Peces in Calle Goya, a fantastic frying restaurant at an incredible price and fast service. It’s usually very crowded, but if you really fancy seafood… You have to try!

Bars and restaurants

You can find Bar Dulcinea on Calle Metge en Cosme Bayona, a dutch pub in the old town. Very large food portions: salads, hamburgers, potatoes, sandwiches. We advise you to book a table!

Arriving at the seafront of Benidorm we find another restaurant/café ReFuel Café Bar on Calle San Pedro, the price ranges between €5 – €13. As for the type of food, it’s characterized by british and mediterranean food, a very characteristic medley of Benidorm. There is a wide variety of dishes from sandwiches, english breakfasts, burgers etc.

In the Rincón Tito Paco, 15 minutes from the Low venue, you can find homemade 3-course menus (dessert and drink included) for only € 11!

Levantine food

If you want a more Levantine option, we recommend a good paella at El Condal Arrocería in Calle de Roldán. Very good food, near the center and the beach, they have all kinds of rice. As for the menus, the price ranges between € 11 or € 13. Highly recommended.

Special Diets

Liberty Benireggae is a french cuisine restaurant on Avenida Murcia. The place has a special charm, there is very good vibes. When it comes to food, it’s spectacular, especially the crepes. There’s also vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, with a price ranging between € 3 and € 10.

If you are looking for homemade and traditional Spanish food, you can find El Embrujo in Calle de Roldán, where they have a 100% vegetarian/vegan daily economic menus.