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Find your accommodation and enjoy Low Festival

More than 70.000 hotel rooms. The best accommodation offers at a lower price.

At Low we want to make it easy for you. That’s why we offer you multiple possibilities to find an apartment, a hotel or a campsite. Whatever you prefer, but always with a lower price. We recommend you to search more than three nights: most times, there will be more offers and cheaper than looking for only the three nights of the festival.

Accommodation offers

In Benidorm there are many options but the sooner you get it… the more affordable it will be! We make it easy for you to look directly at Booking but as do you know … there are many more options!



If you choose to bring your tent and enjoy the outdoors … choose one of the Benidorm Campsites and live the three days surrounded by lowers and good vibes! Good atmosphere, areas with shade, pools, supermarkets… All are very well equipped and in the same area so you only have to choose which one.