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Promotion #TuentsbyTuenti

Buy 50€ of anticipated Tuents through our website, and we'll give you 5€!

Each Tuent is worth 2.5€.

How do the anticipated Tuents work?

  1. Buy your Tuents here and get € 5 as a gift!
  2. Print your PDF and take it to the site
  3. Search on the map the stand “Canje de preventa de Tuents
  4. Exchange your PDF for 55€ in Tuents, you’ll have taken 5€ for free!


This year the redeem of your Tuents, once the festival ends, works in the following way. All attendees can redeem their Tuents for discounts on brands and additionally, Tuenti customers can get double tickets for festivals through a contest. See the conditions here: www.tuenti.es/tuents.



IMPORTANT: Pre-sale tickets can’t be exchanged for money once the festival is over, remember to spend them first! The Tuents that you didn’t use (that are not promotional) can be returned at the enabled point from 10pm until the closing of the venue.