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An unique venue

More natural grass, more stages, more activities and more VIP

As you can see, Low Festival’s venue is very comfortable and manageable. You’ll get used to it in a matter of minutes and you’ll set the standard by which you’ll judge other festivals: green and relax areas, no-queue toilets… apart from the amazing spaces you’ll find in the general area and in the VIP zones.

The restauration areas are impressive, with a variety that will make your mouthwatering: international food, vegan and gluten-free food. But there is still more, you can buy the shirt of you favorite band in the Market Zone, take a walk around the stands of our collaborators and take gifts, discounts and much more.

As if all this weren’t enough, we hace lockers, two swimming pools, relax areas, VIP and VIP POOL zones, gigantic stands to seat comfortably and special areas for people with reduced mobility. Everything and more to enjoy the best musical event of summer. This is Low Festival, the festival where you’ll feel at home.

Note: this map is indicative and corresponds to the 2017 edition