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Meet Low Festival

The festival where you feel at home

Discover #Low2019

We work so that you enjoy an absolutely ‘lover’ festival. Lover because you’ll find everything you love: an enormous program with the best bands and DJ’s from the national and international scene, spacious and comfortable infrastructures, green areas of relaxation and pool, international catering with vegetarian options, beer for celiacs and without alcohol.

Enjoy four main stages, with alternatives of different musical genres and artistic proposals, in which you’ll never suffer overlaps of more than 15 minutes between the two main stages.

In addition, you can rest in large relax areas with all kinds of comforts. Enjoy in multiple areas dedicated to outdoor music. Be special in the two VIP areas (one of them with the already legendary VIP POOL, the reference olympic pool for artists, lowers, and music press). Recover yourself in the restoration points (with options for for vegetarians and celiacs), bars without queues, with an unpolluted lawn thanks to the use of reusable cups. Add to all this a production and a premier venue, without interruptions in concerts or crowds. And you’ll see why Low Festival makes the difference and will make you feel at home.

By the way, TRAM’s stop (main transport to access the city from any point between Alicante and Denia) is just 5 minutes walk from the venue. The internal transport is organized so that you can have a taxi and bus all night and without waiting three minutes from the exit of the enclosure.

Best VIP areas ever

Summer has come, and Low Festival too! Do you want to relax, grass, pool and incredible access to a gourmet area? With VIP areas you will forget other VIP zones you’ve ever been!



An impressive venue

Low Festival is located in ‘Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor’, one of the most incredible venues  of national festival scene, with more than 30.000m2 of natural grass and different spaces for each stage.

To get to the idea of how much we value your comfort, you should know that the venue has a capacity of up to 40.000 people, but we’ll never sell more than 25.000 tickets a day. Only this way we make sure that you benefit as much as you can from the venue, music without crowds and the good vibes that are already a hallmark of Low Festival after 10 years.

Remember: you’ll be in a clean venue, thanks to our reusable cups, but also with your collaboration.